The Valadis Manager Flight Module

Valadis has incorporated a flight module into its Valadis Manager platform, providing now with the capacity to contract and distribute flights thanks to the technological partnership with the “Grupo Iris” company.

Valadis Manager Back-Office, everything in a single system

Valadis Manager is a complete sales platform for all types of tourism products (multi-supplier, multi-product and multi-sales channel products) which has been specifically designed for wholesalers, tour operators, incoming agencies and travel agency chains. The platform is managed from a single system, the Valadis Manager back-office.

Enter the back-office to control product uploading – either your own or integrated products and effortlessly manage different suppliers and products in a flexible, segmented manner.

Develop different sales and distribution B2B and B2C channels, segmenting them according to your own business needs by markets, products or clients, while defining user profiles in accordance with its access functions. Analyse the sale of your products/services in real time by markets, suppliers or clients, having additionally the finest Business Intelligence tools for completing any in-depth analysis are at your disposal.

Dynamic Packaging, online sales with the Valadis Manager Shopping Cart

The “Dynamic Packaging” (an online shopping cart system) allows your client to make bookings and unified purchases of the different available products in the system (hotels, transfers, tours, circuits, cruises and packages) in an easy, intuitive and rapid manner.

Your clients will be able to book both your own and integrated products or services in an individualised manner, using a single confirmation and joint payment at the end of the purchasing process, while also receiving a single reference for all the bookings made. Any modifications or cancellations may be made in an individualised manner and the system issues one single invoice which covers all the bookings made, thus simplifying administrative procedures. Each final consumer is provided with a voucher for each product or service booked and a summarised receipt is provided with all the items included in the booking.

Distribution tools

How do we at Versys understand online distribution and why we trust in Valadis.

The concept of distribution in the tourism industry appears as of the moment price management meets inventory management. This does not mean that a lack of stock determines the price management.   

Hence, two premises apply to work:

• The first and best known: bed not sold, bed lost.
• The second, and more up-to-date, is: no offer, no sale.


At Valadis, our mission is to improve the technological competitive edge of travel businesses. In recent years, we have developed an innovative technological platform for travel distribution and sales that offers the most advanced features in product acquisition, management and sales. 

Outsourcing of online distribution

We like to think that we offer solutions to our clients and that not only do we have an in-depth knowledge of travel technology to help us provide them with management tools, but also of the travel market and, specifically, of travel distribution and sales.

SaaS versus license

The philosophy of Valadis is to meet client needs as much as possible. This premise has a lot to do with what the Internet should bring to businesses and with technology as a challenge to all.

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