Travel Agency chains

Resumen Interior: 
Intelligent supplier management and product distribution
Soluciones Integrales: 

Valadis Manager is the most effective overall solution for the management of multiple suppliers, full control distribution of products sold and segmented by sales channels, which enables the efficient analysis and management of the sales policy, the sales network and the development of the business.

  1. Connection for XML integration with main suppliers in the industry.
  2. Advanced features in application of unrestricted sales policies (mark-ups, prices), enabling management of the supplier-product mix with full flexibility and precision,thanks to its powerful integrated supplier management tool.
  3. Single dossier per product with many suppliers and in real time, including a duplication detection/unifier tool.
  4. High performance features in terms of response time, with one of the fastest search engines in the market.
  5. Full control and segmented management of the travel agency network: registration, access, reservations, credit policies, methods of payment….
  6. We have developed the most comprehensive corporate B2B portal on the market, adapted to the multi-product requirements of your business: transfers, excursions, circuits ….
  7. Distribution through multiple sales websites, establishing sales policies and business regulations for agencies, markets, clients, etc.
  8. Real time analysis of sales segmented by product, client, market, …
  9. Optimum growth potential via the the best XML interface in the market for integration of new clients.
Listado Ventajas: 
  • Full solution for managing Travel agency networks
  • Powerful product management and integration tools
Listado Ventajas Clave: 
  • Is your portal the fastest in processing searches and getting results?
  • Do you need to integrate by XML the products from hte world’s leading suppliers to complete your portfolio?
  • Are you able to easily segment your product line and create white labels?